These are the prettiest and the best. They have the best graphics, the smartest essays, and the most flawless taste. Some I’ve been following for ages and others are only recent discoveries; some I know and have talked to a lot, some a little, and  some I just admire from afar; but they are my favorite blogs and without them my dashboard would be a very boring place indeed. Without further ado, I submit for your consideration:

ahopelessdaydreamer | bohemea | bridgetvonhammersmark | clashofthekhaleesi | definitelydope | goddess- | infernalserpent | itsinthetrees | mattybing1025 | mixingtheblues | ondyne | prettybooks | quibbler | redfrecklesandblueeyes | terracolore | theladyofthorns | thisfemaleform

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    a;ksldj;lsakjf HOW IN THE WORLD DID I MAKE THIS LIST?! You are a darling!
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